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Joseph Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to providing assisted living community                    housing services for adults with disabilities. Our consumers have rights under the law.

At Joseph Rehabilitation Center, the consumer and their families have the right to:

1  Respect and personal dignity

*      Consumer is important.  We want to get to know them.

*      We will tell them who we are and we will take time to listen to them. 

*      We wonít talk about our consumer inside their room or outside unless they know what is happening.

*      We will honor our consumerís privacy.

*      Consumer has a right to maintain all of their legal rights and will not        lose any rights. Consumer will be free from retaliation and will not be       excluded, suspended or discharged from service and services will not be     reduced for exercising their rights.

*      Consumer will not be considered incompetent unless they are         determined so by a court of law.

*      Consumer has the right to possess personal property.  Each consumer        will have a locker or space in which to keep their property.

*      Consumer has the right to use their money as they choose, unless they       are not allowed to do so by order from the court.

*      Consumer has the right to refuse services from Joseph Rehabilitation     Center. The program director shall inform the parent/guardian and       consumer of any alternate services available, and make referrals to             those services if desired.

*      Consumer records and communications shall be kept confidential.        Records and communications will only be released with a written         permission from their parents/guardian.

*      Consumer has the right to see their files. Consumer may inspect and       copy the information in their file.

*      Consumer has the right to be free from physical and psychological        abuse.  Seclusion (lock up or intentional separation from others),            corporal punishment (beating), neglects and exploitation (cheating) of         consumers is not allowed.

2  Care that supports Consumer and their family

*      Consumer and their family are important.  We will work together to                    make our consumer safe and comfortable as possible. 

*      All families are different.  We want to learn about what is important to                  our consumer and their family.

*      Consumer family members are welcomed to visit our homes at anytime.

 3  Information Consumer can understand

*      We will explain things to our consumer.  We will speak in ways they can understand. Consumer can ask about what is happening to them and why.

*      Someone who speaks their language will help explain things to them. 

*      Someone from their family can be with them when people are explaining           things to them.

4  Quality residential care

*      Consumer will be taken care of by our staff. 

*      Consumer has the right to know all of the people who take care of them.        Consumer and their family can meet with staff to plan what is best for them.

*      We will work together with consumer family to make sure they stay as         comfortable as possible.

5  Assistance in accessing community resources to meet Consumer needs

*      Consumer can have the support of our staff to participate in sports, games           and other social activities they would like to take part in the community.

6  Easy access to quality medical, psychiatric, rehabilitation and dental care

*      Consumer can be seen by a physician who specializes in their area of need.

*      We will ensure that consumer receive routine medical, psychological and              dental care.

*      Consumer can be assessed and treated for physical disabilities if they need it.

Emotional support

*      It is normal for Consumers to occasionally feel scared, mad, tired, lonely

   It is alright to cry or complain. We encourage our Consumers to take a walk

   with a staff when they are down. They can also talk or interact with people

   who know how to help them when they have questions.

*      Consumers can have family with them as much as possible.  When this is                not possible, our staff caring for them will explain why.

*      We can help consumer meet adults and families who have had experiences              like them.

*      Consumers can talk or play with people who know how to help them                   when they have questions.

*      Consumers can ask to be moved to another room if they are uncomfortable

   or unhappy.

8  Care that respects Consumer need to grow, learn and meet Consumer ISP goals

*  Consumers have the right to an individualized service plan (ISP) which provides details on their  interests and what they would like to do in the future. The ISP will be implemented and regularly reviewed with you and the consumer; your participation and input are critical.

*      We will consider consumer interests and needs, not just those related to                their disability.

*      Consumers have the right to rest, play, and learn and to work towards             meeting their individualized support plan/goals.

*      Consumers make choices and decisions when ever possible.  Sometimes                  they can help decide their roommate.