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 Location and Residential Environment

Joseph Rehabilitation Center currently has three residential homes located in safe and beautiful neighborhoods in the village of Matteson and Tinley Park in south suburban of Chicago.



   Monaghan Residential Home Neighborhood                  Shannon Residential Home Neighborhood

 Physical Resources

Our residential homes are gorgeous and they have ramps to make them wheelchair accessible. The doors to our homes are wide and the available resources within the home are designed to make life easier for persons with disability as required by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).  All our homes have four large bedrooms; two consumers share a bedroom.



     Colgate Residential Home Bedroom                              Colgate Residential Home Laundry Room               


All our residential homes have spacious living rooms, recreational area and large dinning room. They are a delight to see. There computers with internet access in each of the residential homes.



   Shannon Residential Home Family Room                           Shannon Residential Home Dinning Area 




 Colgate Residential Home Dinning Room                          Colgate Residential Home Kitchen Area 




      Colgate Residential Home Living Room                              Colgate Residential Home Family Room 


All our residential homes are surrounded by privacy fence and locked gates. The large land surrounding the homes provides a place for recreational activities during the spring and fall seasons. To further protect our staff and consumers, we have installed video cameras outside the home and in public areas within the residential home. In addition, sprinkler and fire alarm systems are installed and they are connected directly to the Matteson and Tinley Park Fire departments.




Part of the Privacy Fence at Monaghan House            Shannon House Showing Video Camera at the Door



 Video Camera Recording   Equipment at Colgate House