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   1)  A diagnosis of physical, developmental and/or mental disability by a physician. Presence   of a disability which prevents an individual from living on their own.

2)  Adult; Minimum age of 18 years.

   3)  The consumer must have Medicaid and willing to work with the  organization to apply for funding from the state.


   Referral and Application Process

Basic information about the consumer is gathered over the telephone and/or received in the mail from a referral source.  If vacancy exists, a visit to the residential home is arranged. During the visit, the consumer and guardian will meet with the program director that will conduct a tour of the residential home and provide information on the program eligibility criteria and services offered. Questions are answered at any time during the visit.

Following the visit, if the consumer and guardian like to enroll in the program, he/she is required to contact the social worker at South Suburban Access. A formal referral will be made by South Suburban Access. The program director and CEO will review the application and make a determination on whether the Organization has the resources to optimally serve the consumer. If the Organization cannot serve the consumer, alternate referral sources are discussed and made to the individual. If a positive decision is made, a funding packet application to the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) will be initiated.  A detailed history, activities of daily living and nursing assessments using the DHS forms will be completed. The funding packet will subsequently be forwarded to the PAS agent at South Suburban Access. Following their review, the funding packet will be sent to the Network Facilitator at DHS, Chicago Office. The packet will be reviewed and forwarded to Springfield, where an approval is granted. The process may take 2-3 months, but an emergency referral may be granted, if eligible.

A funding letter is issued directly to the consumer and copied to the Organization. Following receipt of the funding letter, an admission date can be arranged. On the first day of admission into the CILA program, the consumer and guardian will meet with the direct support staff and program director. The staff will review the program guidelines with the consumer and/or guardian and discuss the service schedule. The consumer and guardian will receive orientation into the home and complete several admission forms.

Within 30 days of admission into the program, an individualized service plan (ISP) shall be developed. The Organization staff, PAS agent, consumer and guardian will be involved in the development of the ISP and sign the official document. A staff note indicating why there is no signature and why the consumerís or guardianís preferences is not reflected.

Medical examination and other assessments will be completed within 6 months of admission in line with the state requirements.