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Welcome to the of Pharmacy College


 Do you allow smoking and pets in the residential home?

Smoking and pets are not allowed within the residential homes operated by Joseph Rehabilitation Center. Smoking is allowed in designated areas outside the residential homes. This policy is designed to protect the safety, privacy and health of all its consumers. The organization considers the policy necessary because of the following reasons:

*      Smoking is a known fire hazard.  

*      Smoking is also scientifically documented to be injuries to health, both direct and second hand smoke.  

*      Many individuals are allergic to smoking.  

*      Many individuals are allergic to fur and pets in general.  

Will I continue to receive my social security check(s)?

Once Consumer are enrolled in the CILA program and receive funding from the DHS, Consumer will no longer receive Consumer monthly social security (SS) checks. The Organization will receive the social security checks. The Organization is mandated by the state to report every month, all third party payments (including SS) and they are deducted from the base reimbursement for the individual consumer.

Who is responsible for providing my accommodation and food?

Joseph Rehabilitation Center is responsible for providing consumer accommodation and feeding. Breakfast are provided in the morning before leaving for day program. Consumer lunch and drink is also provided in a pack that consumer carry to the day program. Dinner is also served in the evening.

Do I get an allowance?

Joseph Rehabilitation Center provides each consumer an allowance of $40 per month. The consumer is free to use the money as they find fit.

Do I get paid when I work in the day program?

If Consumer is working on production in the day program, consumer will receive a paycheck from the day program. Consumer is paid for subcontract work based on the consumer work performance. Questions about any benefits can be answered by the staff at the day program.

Do I have opportunity to go out into the community?

Consumers are encouraged to participate in community events such as Special Olympics, bowing, movie nights, plays, concerts, field trips, shopping and banking. These events are usually stipulated in the individual consumerís plan of care (ISP).

Do you allow visitors in the residential homes?

Visitors are welcome in the home. Visitors must depart latest by 8 PM. No visitor is allowed in the home to stay with consumer overnight.

Do I have opportunity to go home?

Consumer is free to go home with the approval of Consumer parents/guardian. Paperwork granting consent and approval will be completed prior to leaving and on return. The consumerís medication will be provided to the parents/guardian and directions on when and how to use the medication provided prior to leaving.

Do you close during the year?

No, Joseph Rehabilitation Center is always open for business. We are opened all year round; however, the day programs are closed on the following holidays:

                         New Yearís Day               

        Memorial Day                              

        Independence Day

        Labor Day            

        Thanksgiving Day (and following Friday)

        Christmas Eve                  

        Christmas Day                 

       New Yearís Eve

       Martin Luther King Birthday                   

       Spring Break (Good Friday)