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Medical Care

Consumers at Joseph Rehabilitation Center receive their medical and dental care from their private physicians and dentists. Many of our consumers also receive specialist care in local hospitals as needed. An annual physical examination and biannual dental visit is required for each consumer by the DHS.  A podiatrist also comes to the residential home twice year to treat our consumers.

Pharmacy Services

Our consumers receives all their prescribed medication through a contract signed with KODO Pharmacy ( All prescriptions are reflected in our medication administration sheet by our nurse consultant.


Joseph Rehabilitation Center has a van that has capability for transporting individuals on wheelchair. The van is used to transport our consumers to sporting events and community activities. The day programs provide transportation to and from their sites.



                                     Agency Van

Day Program

Joseph Rehabilitation Center has contract with the following Day Program agencies: 

New Hope Center

1624 E. 154th Street

Dolton, IL  60419

Carol Anderson, DT Coordinator 708-296-2007

Michelle Burnham, OMRP, 708-841-1053

Larry Hayser, DT Coordinator


 New Hope Center

1630 E. 154th Street

Verna Bailey, Coordinator

Charlesetta Gurley, QMRP


Fax 708-849-7296


 Sertoma Center

4343 W. 123rd Street

Alsip, IL  60803

Bridget Luby, Fax 708-371-9747


Sertoma Center

4100 W. 127th Street

Alsip, IL  60803

Fax 708-389-3984

Jeremy Osterhouse, Fax 708-38903984


Southwest Community Services, Inc.

6775 Prospect Drive

Tinley Park, IL 60477

Indra Cooper, Program Coordinator

Lynn Zona, Director of Program Services

708-429-1260 ext.; 215 Fax  708-329-6622

Community Enterprises Inc.

17341 Palmer Boulevard

Homewood, IL  60430

Maureen Schmitz, Program Director

Jauari Wilson, QMHP


Cheryl 337-7500


Grand Prairie Services

17746 South Oak Park Avenue

Tinley park, IL  60477

708-444-1150 ext. 714

Fax 708-444-1156


South Star Services

1005 West End Avenue

Chicago Heights, IL  60411

Kristina Brooks, Rehabilitation Coordinator

Tel:  708-755-8030 , Fax:   708-755-8047

Consumers and their parents/guardian have the option of selecting the agency they prefer. Enrollment in any of the  Day Program is subject to the approval of the organization.